Free Mobile: finally customizable password

If have a doubt after entering your ID and password in an application not official as it abundant these days or if you simply want to opt for a more easy to remember - password ours are not frankly easy to retain in any case-, be aware that Free Mobile Subscriber space now allows to customize the password.

To do this, connect to the Free Mobile Internet portal, identify you and go to the "My information" section. Then it will remain you more than to enter the current password and inform the new.

Of course be sure that new Sesame remain minimal secure, that is not hard to remember for you, but not too simple not to guess for a third party. Avoid for example the classic date of birth or the first name followed by the Department of residence. Take advantage of the fact that there may be between 7 and 30 characters and use all alphanumeric characters, to create an original as a sentence.

Free Mobile mot passe 1 Free Mobile mot passe 2
Change the password for access to the Subscriber area (Dr.; Click to enlarge)


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