Free Mobile: much less long portability

A community-based monitoring tool, the Internet Toosurtoo site to track the overall progress of the registration to the Free Mobile operator, launched last January and that close - according to estimates - the 3 million subscribers.

And according to the latest figures available, there is a best regards portability time - transfer of the number change of operator-. These time limits would be in effect past 27-16 days on average, between late January and late February. Course is 3 - working - days required by the regulator Arcep Telecom since last November or even 10 days into force earlier, but there is clearly an improvement at this level.

It remains however a serious effort to provide on the sending of SIM cards, with about 4% of subscribers whose number has indeed come, but who have not yet received the SIM card. They are thus unreachable, despite effective portability.

Always on Free Mobile, remember to complete that Subscriber space has evolved these days, now that customize the password of access and with the addition of a section to manage voicemail. We are however still classic short number for monitoring conso from a mobile phone...

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