Dell and IBM plancheraient chip ARM servers

Ibm serveursDell and IBM, two of the leading manufacturers of servers in the world, ?tudieraient currently the design of unit?s in which fleas bas?es on the ARM architecture would replace processors x 86 employ?s traditionally in this universe. If they get a satisfactory r?sultats, new servers low consumption could make their appearance on the march?.

Paul Prince, in charge of the technological d?veloppement in the business division of Dell, thus indicates site EETimes have test? more than eighteen months the operation of a stack LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) on a core ARM A8. In other words, a chip similar ? that which ?quipe smartphones pr?sents today on the march?.

Dell reportedly intends to continue its exp?rimentations with the upcoming processors all-in-one (SoC) ARM Cortex A9 that currently produces Marvell, which pr?sentent the int?r?t to embark two hearts of ex?cution. Of its c?t?, IBM not d?voile not its projects in the mati?re, but admits by the interm?diaire of one of its spokesmen that the proposal makes sense, and no pr?senterait no caract?re disruptive r?dhibitoire.

Due to a much less significant computing power, these new entrants would not have vocation ? supplant traditional x 86 processors, but their existence would make sense in applications although sp?cifiques. Among the tracks envisag?es: huge donn?es centres as b?tissent major actors of the Web, in which the multiplication of the machines more important than the power calculation pure and hard.

The universe of servers, which has several d?j? ann?es is int?ressent flea x 86 low consumption such as product VIA, could soon embrace the ARM architecture, confort?s by the multiplicit? of the manufacturers that produce these processors (Marvell, Samsung, TI, etc.).

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