Touch Mouse: Microsoft puts the touch in his mouse

The next Microsoft mouse are tactile. Touch Mouse plays in the field of the Magic Mouse from Apple. No clickable button appears on the surface. Nevertheless, they are present through a few gestures the finger. In addition to the two selection buttons and wheel, it is possible to use the "next" and "previous" functions by sliding the fingers on one side or the other. Of course, it also has "Blue Track" of Microsoft technology. For recall, it allows to use the mouse on any surface with the same comfort of handling.Operated by radio with a receiver mini USB, it will be available current August against the equivalent of 80 euros.

The Explorer Touch Mouse is endorsed. Not yet officially announced, it was exhibited at the event "Christmas in July", in London. Adopting a classical form, it is also suitable for left-handed and right-handed. It has five physical buttons and a touch wheel. For greater ease of use, this virtual wheel has a haptic feedback felt a vibration in the operation. As the Mouse Touch, it is equipped with the Blue Track technology. Scheduled for the month of July in England, it is will be sold the equivalent of 80 euros.


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