HTC will offer a tool for unblocking of its smartphones

Would manufacturers now regain control on the release of their terminals? This is what suggests a release of the HTC brand on his Facebook page. The constructor of smartphones will soon offer its own tool for unblocking on his latest models. The idea is not to make HTC phones available with all operators, but to allow developers to install different versions of Android, to test compatibility and stability of their applications on these devices.For example, an HTC can host both a version 2.2 of Android and a 2.3 version, and move from one to the other only by restarting the device. As a first step, it is the HTC sense, spearheaded by the Taiwanese brand, which will benefit from this feature. Terms, all new HTC models benefit, as the 4 G Evo 3D Sensation.HTC thus reaches out to developers, attracting to its smartphone to test their applications. Term, one can even imagine phones on which would be installed two different OS (Windows Phone 7 and Android for example). Recently, a rumor claimed that Samsung thought seriously to adapt the mobile OS of Microsoft on its Galaxy SII, currently under Android 2.3.

Samsung: soon a Galaxy S2 on Windows Phone 7?


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