High-tech sales fall 2011

Même les PC portables déclinent


The economic environment is still not very good high-tech products sales fall 4% on the first five months.According to data from the GfK Institute, technology sales declined by 4.1% in January to may France. Socio-economic conditions "tense that leads to reports in consumer purchases decisions" is the main reason for this decline. Thus, the overall turnover rose from 9,66 EUR 9,26 billion.In detail, it is especially the television market is the loser in the first half, the fault last year historical sales triggered by the football World Cup. Even if positions sales increased 6% to 3.6 million, sales decline as due to the sharp decline in consumer prices. It has not much better with a drop in volume and in net sales of 2%. Desktop PCs lost 16% of their turnover; and laptops, but until then stable 4%.It is finally only tablets and smartphones that derive the market top. The growth of the latter is 80% with 3.8 million pieces. This hinders and the collapse of the global market for telephony:-15% in volume and 40% in value. The end of the year 2011 should instead see smartphones sales exceed that of mobile classiqu


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