Nexus Prime: smartphone Google under Android 4.0

The next smartphone Google will take the name of Nexus premium. This will be the official motive for reference under Ice Cream Sandwich, the supposed Android 4.0.This new version of the system of Google will mark a turning point. It should be the Android of the unification, the erasing the barriers between tablets and smartphones. One version will continue for two types of devices. Nexus Prime will demonstrate.Compatible with 4 G networks, the premium charge a Texas InstrumentsOmap 4460processor. Monster power, the latter is dual core (two Cortex A9) and displays a 1.5 GHz operating frequency. For reference, the Omap is the competitor to the Nvidia Tegra 2 platform. Both are integrated in such as the G9 of Archos Android tablets.According to the prognoses of Texas Instruments, the Omap would be able to read and save streams in 1080p without any slowdown. To ensure a Visual rendering at this processor, the premium could be the first smartphone to have a native HD resolution screen. It would then be in a slab of 4 inches or less displays of 1280 x 720 pixels.BoyGeniusReport reports information on the next Nexus think that its manufacture will be assigned to Samsung. Neither date nor prices are for the moment in rumor.


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