The Minitel (still alive) reports still 200,000 euros

The French ancestor of the Internet, understand the Minitel, generates more 200,000 euros of turnover on 2011. A result that still grant him a stay of one year.

Although it is less and less used, this system of remote connection is still verbose. A year ago, it learned that two million French still used the Minitel. However, when one speaks of Minitel, is the service that is called and the device. Thus, half of the faithful of the Minitel consult from a computer. Despite a still satisfactory result, it is in free fall. Turnover in 2007 EUR 100 million, it fell to 200,000 euros, representing a decrease of 99.8% in four years.

France Telecom was first programmed closed for 2010. The date was then postponed to September 2011. Today, we learn that the definitive closure of the ancestor of the Internet is still off. It should be effective on June 30, 2012.


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