The Mini DisplayPort/HDMI cables are not legal!

Here's a news which might embarrass some builders. HDMI Org, the body in charge of the HDMI standard, request the withdrawal of the sale of the cable to convert Mini DisplayPort to HDMI. Indeed, HDMI Org estimated thatthey are not licensed and therefore illegal.

"The HDMI specification defines a HDMI cable as having only a HDMI connectors at the ends." "All the rest does not use a licensee of the specification and is, therefore, not allowed", says a press release of the body. Not tested and not licensed, these cables should be removed from the market.

Two marks are particularly targeted: Apple and Toshiba. However, HDMI Org "recognizes that there may be a need in the market for this type of product ". It remains to operators builders these cables to run tests to legalize all. And hope for a legalization of their use.


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