iPhone, iPad and iPod banned in the USA? The new application for Samsung

Samsung wants to be banned in the United States by the iPhone and the iPad. In this sense, the Korean firm relies on the breach of multiple patents.This is the escalation continues between Apple and Samsung. Already at war violated patents on part of both parties, the two giants continue judicial combat. Today, it is therefore Samsung provides oil on the fire by asking the international trade of the United States Commission to ban Apple products copieraient its patents.AFP reported the facts explained that the patents in question concern wireless technologies. In all, five patents from Samsung would be used by Apple without prior agreements. The father of the Galaxy S calls "a permanent exclusion order prohibiting entry to the United States of all the Apple products that violate its patents." If justice spies in its meaning, the US market close to the iPad, iPod and iPhone, unless the case is resolved amicably.This would be possible. Apple has just concluded an agreement with Nokia to close a similar case. Add thatApple is the second client of Samsung's components. In 2010, it represented 4% of the turnover of Korean society.

Apple accused Samsung of harassment


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