"appstore" is no longer exclusive to Apple


Amazon will be able to use the "appstore" name for its store of terminals under Android applications.It is the judge Phyllis Hamilton ruled on this matter between Amazon and Apple. According to the Cupertino firm, the name "Amazon Appstore for Android" that uses Amazon since March 2011 was confusing.Nevertheless, the American judge does not heard it this ear. According to it, the term AppStore is not to Apple. "This name is known." However, the fact is also the name "appstore" is used by other companies as a descriptive term for a place where you will find software applications for portable devices. »Apple had first filed a complaint against Amazon for fraudulent use of the name of its online applications store. Amazon had countered this move in justifying that the AppStore term was much too generic to be reserved for a single entity.In this counterattack, Amazon had received support from Sony Ericsson, HTC, Nokia and Microsoft who in turn brought complaint against Apple. This was enough to bend the justice in his camp.


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