The next integrated graphics cards?


It is not only independent graphics cards in the world of personal computers, and that the future of integrated cards

Already nVidia will replace its MCP73 (GeForce 7150) by a MCP78.It will be compatible DirectX10 and support hybrid Sli (it allows to use its graphics integrated office automation and switch on the pci-express when needs are felt).
The rest will be classic, namely: two ports PCI-Express x 16, Serial - ATA 3 Gb/s...

Side at Amd, is RS790 will integrate interfaces DVI, VGA, HDMI and Compatible PCI-Express 2.0, it will manage a 16 port x, or two 8 x (as the MCP78) and it is intended for the AM3.

All of these integrated chips arrive early 2008 for nVidia and mid-2008 for Amd, we already know that this is will be not the wrath of war (view the hybrid sli for nVidia option), at the same time this is not what asked.


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