K, the most powerful computer in the world

Un des racks du K Computer comptant 100 CPU Sparc64 VIIfx

Small victory for the Japan: the land of the rising sun took over first place in the ranking of supercomputers to China. Built by Fujitsu for the RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science (AICS) in Kobe, K Computer offers a computing power of 8 petaflop (8 million billion operations per second floating-point), 3 times higher than that of Tianhe 1 - Chinese A, the previous world champion.

The measured power is very close to the theoretical power of K Computer (8.77 PFlops) which is unusual for a supercomputer. Unlike a recent trend, K Computer does not appeal to hearts GPU to accelerate treatment and is based entirely on a CPU. Fujitsu has used its home, the SPARC64 VIIIfx with eight hearts processor and running at 2 GHz. 68 544 processors form K Computer, for a total of 548 352 hearts. The monster requires 9.9 MW of electrical power, a new record also. Here its commissioning official in 2012, K should still grow (80,000 CPU) to exceed the symbolic cap of 10 PFlops.

Supercomputers crossed another cap as the top 10 in the world exceed all the petaflop. The France class in ninth position with the Tera 100 built by Bull for the CEA, which offers 1.05 PFlops, consumes 4.6 MW.


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