THFR tests an interfaced SSD in... POWA!






The SSD that we tested is an OWC Mercury Pro Legacy, an SSD uses a SandForce SF-1222 controller but is PATA interface. With a capacity of 120 GB, it is a pretty classic model outside its interface. Our test model is in the format 2.5-inch PATA 44 pins connector, but 3.5 inch PATA 40 pins connector versions exist. It uses 41 nm MLC memory and a portion of memory is reserved for the controller, as on the majority of models based on this controller. Booking here is 7% and our 120 GB model thus actually contains 128 flash memory Gio. More...

With a limited to 100 MB/s interface, a PATA SSD comes to jam for pigs!


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