6 GB memory for the Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 Toxic

The Chinese manufacturer Sapphire prepares a model of Radeon HD 7970 with 6 GB of memory, known as Toxic.

Russian site OCLab was able to get their hands and thoroughly dissect the graphics card Radeon HD 7970 Sapphire Toxic with no less than 6 GB memory GDDR5. The map is entirely changed, PCBs, frequencies, and cooling system are then optimized to provide high level performance. The GPU Tahiti of this map is overclockée of plant to 1150 Mhz frequency and the 6 GB of GDDR5 inspired 1500 Mhz against respectively 925 Mhz and 1375 Mhz for the AMD reference map.

sapphire-radeonhd7970-toxic-6go-01     sapphire-radeonhd7970-toxic-6go-02

Memoirs, 24 bullets, are distributed on both sides of the PCB, 12 on each side, the heat will be therefore dissipated in the back by a backplate and the rest of the map is the House, the Vapor-X cooling system. This system of heatpipe uses the technology of steam Chamber, thus the basis copper is surmounted by four heat-pipes of 8 mm nickel plated copper that fall and pass through the imposing finned aluminum block that covers all the PCBs. Is refreshes by two fans of 80 mm blowing across to evacuate hot air from the back of the card.

sapphire-radeonhd7970-toxic-6go-03  sapphire-radeonhd7970-toxic-6go-04  sapphire-radeonhd7970-toxic-6go-06  sapphire-radeonhd7970-toxic-6go-07

Note that the map is equipped with 8 phases for the GPU and 3 phases for memory, LEDs indicate in real time the activity of the phases visible GPU on the top of the card via a translucent window of the crankcase. The Radeon HD 7970 Toxic need two connectors PCI-e 8 pins to feed energy and has a dual BIOS for the overclockers, OCLab also managed to push the card up to 1300 Mhz for the GPU and 1900 Mhz for the memory its cooling system.

Remains to know the price of the engine and check the usefulness of the 6 GB of memory in practice.


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