Optimize the performances of your graphics with HIS iTurbo

HIS Chinese society offers its software iTurbo to make the best of graphics cards.

Delivered in bundle with its graphics and maps available free for download on its web site, HIS offers a complete, ergonomic and easy to use graphics tweaking tool with iTurbo.

iTurbo gives you then total control over the settings of your graphics card (voltages and frequencies of the GPU and memory, speed of the ventilos) allowing a simplified overclocking. The soft is designed to be used with all models of graphics cards all builders that they be equipped GPU AMD or NVIDIA (GPU Boost 680 GTX is managed).


his-iturbo-cg-tweak-02  his-iturbo-cg-tweak-03  his-iturbo-cg-tweak-04

iTurbo more to save the various settings tested in profiles that it will be possible to change at any time. iTurbo comes in the form of an executable file that it is enough just to start (no installation required).

> Download the iTurbo of HIS software


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