Virgin Mobile launches its offensive: quadruple-play from €29.99 and mini-forfait to €4.99

Make the point on the strategy of Virgin Mobile, which announces three new packages including two mixed with a quadruple-play offering.


Virgin Mobile has, as expected, announced new offerings this week. The first virtual operator French first started to be reassuring about the impact that could have on the arrival of Free Mobile on the market. Recognizing "explosion" on the fifteen days following the announcements of Free, pressure is quickly settled according to the MVNO before his recruitment leave rising in mid-March, when Free Mobile began to experience technical problems on its network. In total, Omea Telecom (which includes Virgin Mobile, Tele 2, Breizh Mobile and Casino Mobile) has thus lost "only" 26,000 customers in January and 15,000 in February, and returned to 17,000 in March... or loss dry 24,000 customers in the first quarter on a total of a little less than 2 million subscribers.

"The Free margin is indecent, it must be that the authorities are studying this issue"

Indeed, the same analysis on the only Virgin Mobile brand, 16,000 customers left in January, 3,000 in February, and 29,000 arrived in March, which accumulated allows the MVNO to win 10,000 customers in the quarter! Omea Telecom Group is therefore well, with sales up 21% to EUR 567 million for the year ended March 31, with a level of profitability equivalent to that of the previous year. The Group has however assume the disappearance marks Breizh Mobile and Tele 2 term, to do more to focus only on Virgin Mobile and Casino Mobile. Therefore, Virgin Mobile is ready to launch "his new offensive" for 2012, with its full-MVNO status that grants him more technical and commercial freedoms to its network provider than other virtual operators.

Therefore, Virgin Mobile launches new packages. A mini-forfait to €4.99 per month Extaz Mini that provides 45 minutes of communication and 450 SMS, without commitment. As more generous than the package 2 commented offer € Free Mobile by Geffroy Bézieux Roux, the CEO. Alongside this, new blocked packages make their appearance, from €12.99 per month for 2 h of voice and unlimited SMS. It takes €19.99 to add 3 GB of data. These packages are also without commitment, and all are marketed on the Internet but also in shops, Virgin Mobile does not believing the model all online for mobile telephony.

But it is obviously not everything, because the big announcement that Virgin Mobile had to do concerning his arrival on the market of the ADSL. The CEO noted that the market has resumed an oligopolistic form with offers all roughly similar about €35/40 per month, and announced that it is possible to do better given the profitability of these competitors... especially for quad-play. "When we give lessons of morality the whole earth, it might better to apply these principles to all its offers." The Free margin is indecent, that the authorities are studying this question. "We no longer have the most competitive ADSL market in the world" said Geffroy Roux de Bézieux.

Virgin Mobile offering is called H@ppy 4 and includes ADSL access provided by SFR with a box similar to the old access (and not the Evolution model) with a maximum flow rate of 25 Megas, calls unlimited to fixed in France and 100 destinations international, calls to mobile and access to 130 TV channels and VOD portals. Since this offer is quadruple-play, guests can choose between a formula to €29.99 per month with a mobile package including 2 h of calls and unlimited SMS, or €39.99 per month with 4 h of voice, SMS and the data with 3 GB. The offers are without commitment, even if it is possible to commit to 24 months and €6 more per month to have a subsidized smartphone.

These attractive offers are available today for the Virgin Mobile customers and will be marketed at the end of may for the others. A few hidden costs are however unfortunate, as the additional minute charged 37 cents or the MB that will cost 10 cents. Any hassle, the box to mobile calls are available after the third minute and it takes 25 cent per minute of appeal before that, or 75 cents per call of more than 3 minutes. Also note that the box is not equipped with disk hard and not can not manage the TV recordings. However Business Mobile Virgin Mobile says that there are "move up the chain of value gradually" and improve its offer and its equipment with time. The intention of Virgin Mobile is actually itself as a player in the telecoms capable of pushing the market.


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