SilverStone out his package all dressed in white

SilverStone declines his micro-ATX PS07 Precision Series in white version package.


If the black box was already rather pretty, SilverStone has to add to its Precision Series PS07 a new color, white. Outside as inside, this ESS-PS07 is dressed in white and also supports its mini-ITX and micro-ATX motherboards. However, any editing will be upside down, because the manufacturer reversed the meaning of the motherboard, addition BTX and food can be found at the top and not down as it is custom to do so at this time.

There are two slots for optical drives or 5.25 inch front rhéobus, but also a location for a hard drive in a caddy for the hot-swap 3.5-inch. The Interior of the white room, we have five locations for 3.5-inch disks and one for an SSD. To cool the bowels of the small beast (21 x 37.4 x 40 cm), SilverStone developed front two fans of 12 cm turn to 1200 t/m and a third on the same back diameter that cannot produce more than 18 dbA.

On the slice before the package, this ESS-PS07 has two USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack and one for the microphone. The package is made of white paint, and a door as well as a few elements in aluminum for a total weight of 5.2 Kg plastic covered steel. It should start to show her white dress by the end of the month, but not indication on the tariff that will be applied to this pretty white box.



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