OCZ Vertex 4: just launched and already available

OCZ launches its fourth generation of flash Vertex drives, this time above based on a Mount Everest 2 Indilinx controller.

OCZ Vertex 4.PNG

OCZ Announces and launches today its new SSD the Vertex 4 range. Architected around a 6 Gbps SATA III interface, these SSD operate controller Everest 2 from Indilinx, therefore a new step in the transition made by OCZ SandForce of Vertex 3-Indilinx controllers controllers, business with Octane. NAND flash chips used are of type MLC engraved 25 nm by IMFT.

The constructor announced maximum speeds of 200 MB/s write for the model of 128 GB, 380 MB/s for 256 GB and 475 MB/s to 512 GB. Read, these three models peak at 535 MB/s and all display at the level of the input/output per second on files of 4 K of the figures of 90,000 IOPS in reading and 85,000 IOPS write.

OCZ Vertex

The warranty is five years on these disks that should benefit quickly from an update of firmware still improving the performance of these disks read-sequential as stated in article of Hardware .fr. The 128 GB model is sold from €165 (€1.29 /Go), the 256 GB from €335 (€1.31 /Go) and 512 GB model from €670 (€1.31 /Go).

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