ValleyView: a quad-core with Intel HD 4000 Atom?

Small point on rumours of the time around the future Atom which arrive in 2013...


The Atom CedarView now out, Intel may focus on the next generation of processors for this range which will be grouped behind the name of code ValleyView. A new generation of Atom that could mark a development without precedent for the CPU. It is first through the publication of an update of the driver to its GPU preparing the passage to the core 3.4 of Linux that Intel - in the mailing - list - displays the name of code ValleyView.

But is not everything, because we also learn via the sources of the driver in question as these new processors low consumption could have the same graphic heart than that which will equip the tri-gate Ivy Bridge processors engraved 22 nm, namely the Intel HD 4000. The opportunity also to learn that this new Atom would be declined in mobile and desktop versions, that it would be equipped with the Turbo mode and that it would control two DisplayPort and HDMI output.

Turning to the information dropped by a specialist manufacturer of embedded solutions by Clubic, it gets confirmation that the part these chips GPU will be much more powerful than the Atom CedarView (a PowerVR circuit), about four times more. Also, these Atom ValleyView are between one to four hearts CPU, a taking DDR3 controller supports up to 8 GB (including strips ECC server) and a USB 3.0 controller.

Engraved 22 nm, these processors produce so little heat that they could be integrated into machines devoid of fans and therefore perfectly silent. This new platform, including chipset would be called Balboa Pier and non-ValleyTrail, is expected for the first quarter of 2013 on the market...


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