The Trinity of AMD APUs: 29% faster CPU, 56% to the GPU...

A document from AMD provides guidance on earnings to the new generation of APUs...

On one of the pages of a document AMD marketing piochée at SweClockers, found some arguments put forward by the caster to praise new APUs of the Trinity range, which will be replace the generation Llano. Found therefore that, according to AMD, the APUs Trinity is average 29% more efficient in productivity (and therefore on the CPU part) are the Llano. Better, the graphical part of these processors would be 56% more efficient than the already rather convincing, chips of the previous generation. Tests carried out on pre-series processors appear to confirm these performance gains.

AMD Trinity Slide

Still on this document, it if dig than AMD highlights as an optimization for Windows 8 (with technologies such as AVX, AES-NI, SSE 4.2 and DirectX 11.1), and auto-overclocking of third-generation technology, the Turbo Core 3.0. Also, the mobile versions of these processors would be designed to offer up to 12 hours of autonomy which would be equipped with portable computers. Under what conditions and with what battery/configurations? It, is unknown. It remains only to wait for these new APUs for a test in good and due form, and this before the month of July if everything goes as planned.


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