Intel Haswell-EX and the DDR4

A few digressions on the DDR4, more than of real info. But a priori, should not expect the DDR4 in our computers before 2015, while companies there will have just before law.

micron_ddr3lmAs explained recently, all known elements point to the year 2014/2015 as being those of the arrival on the consumer market a new DRAM standard, the DDR4. According to VR-Zone, first processors actually support these new DDR4 SDRAM will be the declension "business" of chips Intel Haswell, that is to say those which emerge after the Ivy Bridge, and therefore logically in 2013.

Haswell consumer processors continue, them, for their part, take advantage of DDR3 SDRAM, probably on an enhanced frequency range. As Haswell-EX, they will be a priori coupled to the first DDR4 controller for x 86 platform. According to VR-Zone, the benefits of the DDR4 will be there, even without rise in frequency, with consumption to 1, 2V, better protection of data by the RAM and improved correction of errors.

Ultimately Broadwell processors in 14 nm - planned for 2014 on the same socket LGA 1150 as Haswell processors in 22 nm - bear to the also as the DDR3 and should wait until 2015 and a new promises for native support of the DDR4 by Intel processors. Follow.


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