The Freebox revolution magnifying glass transition to summer time

Every last Sunday of the month of March is the transition to summer time but this year the Freebox Revolution has missed the boat.


You to are surely overview Sunday morning and to have perhaps suffered the consequences if you use your Freebox Revolution as a reference clock: it is not passed to the time automatically.

Indeed, the main display of the Freebox Server always displays back to winter, or one hour less than what it should display (13 h 37 instead of 14 h 37 for example) and not means to remedy this by yourself, no option cannot adjust time manually. It therefore expected that the developers of Free offer a firmware update and then restart the box one of these days because currently the problem is still not solved.

Freebox Player is however not achieved by this issue, the time displayed on the main menu and the program guide is good but the programming of a record is still affected by this "bug", they do start and not end at the indicated time.

The only thing to do is wait patiently for that Free rule this small problem...

[Update of the 27/03 at 12: 35 pm]

Since yesterday evening the causes of this unfortunate bug are clearer. It affects the Freebox V4, V5, and V6, but also some competition, especially in Orange boxes. We learn that it is the µClibc library used by the Freebox to display the time issue. This explains that the time displayed on the TV is good, unlike that of the display on the front of the box. This bug occurs only in the years bisextiles and under certain specific conditions. So it may happen that all the 28 years. No luck! At the time, the transition to summer time is shifted one week, and without that Free does not change, the Freebox will spend all summer weekends only, normally.

However, we know that Free could be the problem and the correct upstream. Indeed, a fix for the µClibc library was broadcast from December to avoid the problem, but this update has not been integrated into updates of boxes. Remains to be seen if Free technicians will release a fix in the hours ahead, or if they will wait that everything returns to normal in the night of Saturday to Sunday...


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