A WiFi router in electrical outlets

Planex Communications, a Japanese company has a Wi-Fi router that fits into electrical outlets.

The MZK-KR150N is a WiFi router miniaturized, proposed by the firm Japanese Planex Communications, which can shelter down a wall into an electrical outlet. Why have a large box, also design it, that takes place, to draw cables for power supply and connect to the network when you can all gather in a small package which houses discreetly in a plinth in place of a power outlet...

routeur-wifi-prise-03     routeur-wifi-prise-01     routeur-wifi-prise-02

The MZK-KR150N proposes a router WiFi b/g/n wireless (up to 150 Mbps) with an antenna and a 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port (a blank location on its side lets imagine that a version offering a second Ethernet port will also be proposed), all is completed by a button, an another enabling-disabling WPS security and a switch to the router mode switcher mode access point.

LEDs are of course present to view activity and the transfer of data. This router-taking is expected for the month of April the Japan tariff announced 9800 yen or $ 120. Soon here in all new apartments and houses?


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