video 57,000 of the INA directly on YouTube

Thousands of videos of the INA will be available for free on YouTube, via an advertising revenue sharing program.

YouTube LogoAfter severe discordes and a trial, YouTube and the INA (Institut National de l'audiovisuel) eventually find common ground of understanding and better to settle their dispute, they decided to set up a partnership for the distribution of video 57,000 from the catalogue of the INA on YouTube in an advertising revenue sharing program.

This follows a case dating back to 2010, when the Tribunal de grande instance de Créteil condemned Google (YouTube editor) to pay 150,000 euros in damages and interest to the INA for the release of some 3,000 videos without prior agreement. Google had the intention to appeal and both parties start quietly negotiations that lead to the presented agreement today.

The video 57,000 of the INA as one will find on YouTube in a few weeks will be all protected by the Google's Content ID system, and not by the Signature Update technology by the INA and used, for example, on Dailymotion. Therefore, users will soon plunge back into some archives of the television directly on Google video portal. Note that the site of the INA proposes view extracts of thousands of archived videos, (often paying) access to the full versions of these files.


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