Sony VAIO passes under ChromeOS, and ARM...

With an operating system a little abandoned by its creator, Sony tries the ChromeBook. A boost for Google?

Japanese Sony seems interested by the operating system from Google, ChromeOS. We learn it by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) dealing with control all incoming or from products in the United States to ensure the respect of local standards.

right-side-vaio-chromebook sony-chromebook-back sony-chromebook-front sony-chromebook-side

Photos of the Sony VIAO VCC111 (click to enlarge)

Therefore information and photos that the FCC book us this new Sony VAIO VCC111 with the following specifications:

Processor: Nvidia Tegra 250 T25 1 2GHzEcran: 11.6 "produced by SamsungOS: Chrome OSMémoire: 2 GB RAMPorts: two ports USB 2.0 Reader SD cards, micro/headphones and HDMISans-wire jack: 802.11 b/g/n and BluetoothStockage: DSS-16 GB

Here, no processor Intel, but the NVIDIA, in making the first Chromebook under ARM. The price is not the concern of the FCC, it is not present in the listing, but we can expect to see in the same price range as the Acer and still the Samsung which revolves around the $ 300 as the VCC111 proposes, in addition to its processor, new features or additional equipment that would make inflate the final price.

On the other hand, if the price meets the Chromebook range, it could also be a good way for Google to boost the interest of his bones a little abandoned. With its ARM processor, it could also be the joy of the hackers who can also be quick to run on Android.



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