Elpida finally purchased by Micron?

Japanese DRAM deposit balance specialist could be purchased by Micron who made an offer, but others are also on the move...


Late February, announced the filing of balance of Japanese Elpida, specialist of the RAM and world important player in this market which, as a few days earlier, explained should have a major impact on the computer industry. Or the month of January, we talking the possibility of a merger of Elpida with another actor of the DRAM market, and this in order to form a true giant. Micron and Toshiba were particularly discussed as potential business to merge with Elpida.

But now the Japanese manufacturer filing of balance, it is a redemption airstrip which is mentioned. And the candidate in this operation would be other than the Micron American who made an offer of redemption of an amount of $ 1.5 billion the DigiTimes sources, to integrate Elpida which has technologies and very promising DRAM expertise, not to mention its ability of production and markets which belong. As such, plants such as employees and engineers to Elpida would be re-integrated by Micron.

But Micron is the only giant to have Elpida views? A priori no, because Toshiba could also be interested, not to mention GlobalFoundries which would also appear on the list of companies interested in the purchase. But Micron has been the first to draw its offer, which could give it an advantage in negotiations. However there is play because one learns that two rounds of auctions will be organized, these days here then in mid-April, before the takeover was finally negotiated in May.


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