Apple posts FAQ for cable Thunderbolt

The release of a $49 per Apple Tuesday cable may seem trivial at first, but when the Thunderbolt cable, it's really an important for Thunderbolt technology time. It is so important that it justifies a Thunderbolt FAQ for Apple cable.The FAQ covers ten questions that users may have regarding the use of the Thunderbolt cable. Some facts in the FAQ have been previously disclosed, as the obvious fact that a Thunderbolt cable is needed to connect the equipped Thunderbolt; the maximum bandwidth of 10 Gbit/s per channel specification; and the ability to use disk target with the Thunderbolt Macs. Some of the more mundane topics are covered, such as how to plug the cable into the port of thunder of your Mac, and cable from Apple, which can be used with third-party devices.But there are a few Thunderbolt tidbits that could be communicated to users. For example, according to the FAQ, Thunderbolt was "" two separate links of 10 Gbps - a poster and a movement of PCI-E device."" In addition, Apple said that to maintain maximum performance, a cable Thunderbolt is not plu two metres.If you use Boot Camp and Windows 7, you can always access your Thunderbolt devices, but with a restriction for MacBook Pro users: If you have a PCI Express card into the slot for the MacBook Pro Express card, it will work while a Thunderbolt device is used. Apple recommends that unplugging the Thunderbolt device to use the Express card slot.

The FAQ also States that, during the use of Display Mode target with a Thunderbolt iMac and a late 2009 or mid 2010 iMac, you must use a Mini DisplayPort cable, not a cable of thunderclap. Pre-2011 iMacs do not support the cables of thunderclap.

The Mac with Thunderbolt need to update the firmware Thunderbolt that Apple released this week. When you install this update, the Mac will restart and a grey screen with a status bar is displayed. Do not interrupt the installation or close the Mac while this screen is on your screen.


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