IBM Phase change memory 100 times faster than lightning

Technology memory phase change (PCM), one of the new forms of memory faster, smaller and denser chips to replace flash, has been on the table for some time. Now, IBM has come up with a breakthrough making data transfer PCM "instantaneous" and 100 times faster than the flash memory.Researchers from IBM in Zurich came to these new advances for their chip PCM, while two major problems with the architecture. PCMs work using specialized alloy which can change its physical state, between low resistance crystalline high resistance amorphous phase, applying the voltage.When the resistance of the chip back the chip can store multiple bits of data on the bit can handle flash. Add a writing of 10 microsecond latency and PCM is 100 times better than flash.However change some parts of the chip in the amorphous phase creates a problem of the continuous resistance increases, called derives from the resistance, which eventually lead to reading errors. To combat the problem, IBM has developed an advanced or software coding modulation technique that can identify and correct the errors of drift.The technology is probably not in the computers and smartphone for a while but data storage fast generation technology could be ready to use with servers in 2016.


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