Intel is investigating the possible bug drives SSD 320

Intel is investigating a potential bug that may be causing SSD 320 readers in the solid state to fail. The company provides replacement to affected customers until the problem is solved, said a customer service representative.In Intel forums, users are complaining about 320 crashed due to power problems, SSD drives causing data loss. In some cases the storage capacity of the disk is reported as only 8 MB after the crash."We are investigating on the issue," Intel spokesman Daniel Snyder said by e-mail. "Any customer with concerns must call customer support."A representative of the technical support Intel said that until the problem is solved, affected customers will be sent a replacement drive. Client for Intel support contacts are listed on its Web site. The company also offers live chat support.DSS 320 was released in March and is used in the PC and Apple Mac computers. The drive, which has received positive reviews, is available with a capacity of 40 GB to 600 GB.Intel has had problems with SSDs to crash in the past. In 2009, she made an update of the firmware for its consumers of 25 M X SSDs on the day after users complained of the software to crash the readers.


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