Mac Gems: Detach 1.0.3

Detach (Mac App Store link) helps users of laptop to get go faster by the readers of disassembly automatically all at a time. No more must you manually eject each removable drive to pack up and go.Detach feature is simple. It will unmount FireWire and USB drives connected to your computer by default. Options also disconnect (good to avoid disconnecting warnings) network drives and CD / DVDs. disconnect is even enough smart to cancel Time Machine backups to accelerate the disconnect.

Detach can function either as an element of alleged menubar by choosing "detach now!" on the menu, or without no presence at all, invoked by a keyboard shortcut (which operates in menu bar as well). Detach can also use the Growl framework for notifications. For example, disconnecting tell you when it starts to dismantle and when it has finished and therefore safe to begin to draw the cables of your computer.Power users will be able to obtain even more disconnect with Applescript support. Adding and enabling the Applescripts in the preferences of disconnection, these scripts will be run when disconnection is launched. A dialog box may be displayed, a disabled service, the term economizer enabled screen, Applescript cannot do so.Detach is a happy addition to the Toolbox of the warrior on a road, for a quick and clean output. Detach is inexpensive for the convenience it provides and the developer has even promised the Applescripts library on its Web site for use with the product to extend its functionality.

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