Mac Gems: MiStat software 1.1 activity monitoring

What your Mac - or your Mac - run slow Internet connection? The programs are gobbling up RAM, monopolizing the CPU or suck up all your bandwidth? Bjango has long offered its utility iStat Menus for tracking the statistics of your Mac, but takes MiStat (Mac App Store link) the company a new approach to more traditional app to keep tabs on precisely what your machine.

MiStat interface consists of six cards connected. The utility tracks use in several areas: CPU, memory, network, disk usage and the activity of the disk and also reports on the top of the page, should be by charge and the use of memory.

For the CPU, network and disk activity, MiStat graphic displays live updated. The CPU graph breaks also average load of your Mac, its availability and the number of open tasks and threads. The network adapter monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic, and guard trace of your speed, and peak download download too. Graphical disk activity monitors disk reads and writes and runs peaks for these two areas, too.

For memory, MiStat relies on the pie and bar charts. The use of the disk shows graphical bar for the used and available space on hard disk drives of your computer.

The miStat data are useful and interesting, and the interface is slick - cards look particularly great. Unfortunately, however, MiStat takes the major part of the screen of my 15-inch MacBook Pro. I don't care to follow my use of the live disc, since it does not radically change throughout the day, but the software does offer the possibility to disable graphics, that you are not interested. Less frustrating, but still disappointing is the static the MiStat icon; Unlike Apple Activity Monitor, which may be a processor or graphics, icon of the MiStat is not useful data updated.

Thus, the MiStat of good, but it is great. The app is devoid of any interactivity: you can toggle what is displayed, reorder lists, highlight specific areas of charts or control anything else. I like Visual, quick access to these data; I would like to just that I could respond MiStat more to my needs.

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