Die, disks, die! Six reasons to kill the DVD

When Apple launched last updated equipment last week, it is no surprise that the ultrathin MacBook Air is not yet an internal DVD drive. Many have been shocked to learn, however, that Apple has now also removed the mini DVD the Mac drive. But Apple should not stop there, and the revolution should not be limited to Apple or PC even simply for this question. It is time for the disks to die.Make no mistake, disks were large and has contributed to the evolution of technology - I greatly appreciated when the CD came to replace the batteries on piles of floppies. We are now at a point, however, where the disks are unnecessary and cause more problems than they solve. Here are six reasons that I will not sad to see the drives to go.The optical drive (a) of the mechanical parts that drive high speed spin, while the data read by a laser. Even if you cannot hear clearly, the noise of the player adds the ambient noise. In some cases, as with my drive for Xbox 360, the drive spinning is audible and boring of the next room.Devices with mechanical parts that rotate at high speed a finally break. Disk drives can gather dust, which may affect the ability of the laser to read the data. With the decline in the last decade, drives were the first cause of the cost of repair and replacement for me in a desktop or laptop PC, a gaming console such as the Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360 or the variety of DVD and Blu - ray drives, that I passed.

If we are talking about an Xbox 360, a desktop or a portable laptop computer, a disk drive consumes more energy than the alternatives. With the help of a CD or DVD drive greatly reduces the life of the battery on portable devices.Reading of data of a solid-state drive (SSD), or even a hard drive is exponentially faster than the same data of reading of a CD or DVD. Your mileage will vary according to the readers that you are comparing, but you will get substantially better performance of data stored locally on a disk that you do the reading of a CD or DVD.This is the main reason, I'm not sad to see go - disk drives. They take space. If you need to reinstall a program one year later, you have to try to remember where you stored the disk and hope that it isn't unusably scratched or cracked. The capacity of the hard disk is cheap and virtually unlimited, and can be easily searched to find what you are looking for.I bought a Blu - ray player for more than a year. I have a Blu - ray movie and I can count on one hand I have rented. Why? Also, the Player connects to my Internet connection and provides multimedia content streaming, allowing me to choose and watch movies instantly rather than to a video store or waiting for a disk to arrive in the mail.Convenience even applies with the software and console games. Why treat have to obtain or to wait for a physical disk where the software can be delivered on the Internet in a few minutes?I don't care that Apple has crushed the drive in the Mac mini, or that it offers only (for now) Mac OS X Lion digital download. I am that Netflix appears to be driven intentionally clients far with physical DVD. I am glad that Microsoft could develop a disk-less rumors Xbox console.Thank you for your service CDs and DVDs, but your time has passed. Buh-bye.


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