LaCie offers a hybrid cloud storage service

LaCie announced a hybrid storage product that combines a hard disk of Office with a cloud storage service.The new product, called CloudBox, automatically saves a copy of your data locally for what is essentially a storage (NAS) network attached device and then firmly that replicates data to an online storage service.The company said all of the data is secure with 128-bit AES encryption before it are sent the cloud, meaning zero but the user can access.Reached LaCie backup service in line with the purchase of Wuala two years ago.But CloudBox is not cheap. For $200, a consumer gets a box office 100 GB and a subscription of one year for the service online cloud. For each year thereafter, it will cost $100 to renew the service of clouds.By comparison, a disk hard external 1TB can be obtained for less than $100 through sites such as and providers of online backup like Mozy $5.95 MozyHome charge per month for as much as 50 GB of storage capacity.

LaCie facilitates the secure with its new service backup. There is no need to configure a drive with encryption and then set up a separate online backup service. With CloudBox, selected for the backup files are automatically stored locally and the cloud.


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