First look: results of the equipped a thunder Little Big Disk LaCie speed

Final Cut Pro Supermeet in Kensington, London, we had the chance to test the LaCie Little Big Disk, an external hard drive with Thunderbolt, and the results are also impressive that you expect.LaCie has presented a prototype of that Little Big Disk connected to an Apple MacBook Pro with a clap of Thunder. We have slipped in a few tests using one of our usual storage test applications, test by the AJA system. The results were incredible. Using AJA System Test configured to use 16 GB of frames of 4 K (to really push the player), little delivered Big drives an average read speed of 835 5MBps and average write speed of 353 1MBps - channel more quickly than the fibres of many systems and the equivalent of a few streams of uncompressed HD respectively.AJA System Test evaluates the performance of read and write to a drive by simulation how a video application (such as Final Cut Pro) accesses and writes video files editing. It is designed this video editors can see if their storage system is up to the edition of multiple streams of video in real time without loss of quality of reading.For a comparison, we tested LaCie 4Big Quadra on the same MacBook Pro on FireWire 800 and could manage only a 83 9MBps relatively trivial (read) and 77 2MBps (write). Is a jump in performance in addition to 4.5 x for write and 10.8 x for the reading of data - a huge leap that will result in many users will want to get their hands on the Thunderbolt storage compatible, if of course your mileage vary according to the performance of the disks within any device you have.LaCie was a mount designed to present the reader with maximum efficiency. Big disk little we tested includes two 160 GB solid-state drives, which have been striped (RAID 0) to increase the speed of read/write. The Little Big Disk was part of a daisy chained, connected to a MacBook Pro at one end, and a screen connected to the drive. This is the first time, we have seen a display attached to love at first sight and it worked seamlessly.The biggest problem with storage Thunderbolt is currently available. The Thunderbolt drive, we saw was a prototype and final drives are not due til next month at the earliest. Other manufacturers (including the Sonnet, Seagate and Western Digital) have stated that they should submit readers enabled Thunderbolt, but made no announcements of concrete. Right now, you may even not a cable of thunderclap.


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